Miniature Confetti in Bulk and Cannon Sleeves

Dazzling 1/4" MiniFetti, Sold Launch-Ready or Loose by the Pound.

Square-Cut Tissues and Glossy Metallics in Solid Colors and Custom-Color Blends.

Flashy MiniFetti in Baz: Star Crossed Love at Las Vegas' Palazzo. For producer For the Record Live and Carissa Huizenga.

Fairy Dust, Champagne Bubbles, Table Decor, Art, Crafts: Tiny Confetti Squares Make a Big Impression.

We cut your 1/4" MiniFetti from bright, biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue and gleaming, flame-proof PVC metallic. Order it loose by the pound, or in confetti cannon sleeves. 
  • Launch it for theatrical effects
  • Sprinkle it around centerpieces
  • Toss it over your wedding couple
  • Layer it into retail displays
  • Pour it into gender reveal balloons 

Confetti Artistry: MiniFetti Onstage

Look, and you'll see confetti used in major stage shows across the country. What effect do you need? Light snow? Champagne bubbles? Fairy dust? Whether it's dropped from snow cradles, tossed from glassware, or flung by Peter Pan, MiniFetti makes an enormous onstage statement.